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Settlement: $9.8M Awarded in Defective Wheelchair Injury Lawsuit
$9.8M Awarded in Defective Wheelchair Injury Lawsuit
Possible Lawsuit: Sistema Stockert 3-T Noticias Legales e Información Legal
Sistema Stockert 3-T
Possible Lawsuit: Efectos secundarios de la bebida energética información legal
Efectos secundarios de bebidas energéticas
Possible Lawsuit: Polvo de Talco Noticias Legales e Información Legal
Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder

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Are accidental personal injuries costing you? An experienced injury lawyer can be of great assistance. Your injuries could lead to financial compensation. Personal injury claims have to be filed within the amount of time allotted by the law or you will lose your chance to receive monetary compensation. An injury lawyer could help you receive compensation for your injuries. Personal injury actions and insurance claims must be filed within the statutes of limitations as set out by state law. Check with your attorney to determine what those limits are. The links on this page should be of assistance to you if you have been injured.

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Settlement: $9.8M Awarded in Defective Wheelchair Injury Lawsuit
Santa Clara, CA: A $9.8 million settlement has been awarded to a 35-year old plaintiff who suffered injuries resulting from defects in his wheelchair. The defective wheelchair personal injury lawsuit, filed in San Diego, alleged plaintiff Toby Morin suffered life altering injuries as a result of defective design, manufacture, warnings and repair. Further, a design change to the Quickie Q7 manual wheelchair he used was also defective and dangerous.   07/20/2017
Potential Lawsuit: Sistema Stockert 3-T Noticias Legales e Información Legal
El sistema de calentador-enfriador 3T Stöckert se ha relacionado con infecciones durante ciertas cirugías. El dispositivo médico 3T ayuda a regular la temperatura corporal de un paciente durante la cirugía y mejora los resultados del paciente, pero tanto el CDC como la FDA han emitido advertencias sobre la infección de Stockert 3T, implicando específicamente a M. chimaera, una nueva infección bacteriana. Se ha encontrado que la unidad 3T de Stockert transmite bacterias a través del agua a pacientes, especialmente durante cirugías cardíacas de tórax abierto.   06/30/2017
Potential Lawsuit: Efectos secundarios de la bebida energética información legal
La evidencia científica ha demostrado que las bebidas energéticas son peligrosas: los efectos secundarios de las bebidas energéticas incluyen ataques al corazón e incluso la muerte. A pesar de que la cantidad de hospitalizaciones de bebidas energéticas se duplicó de 2007 a 2011, los adolescentes y los adultos jóvenes son los principales objetivos de la comercialización de los fabricantes de bebidas energéticas. Las demandas por bebidas energéticas están en aumento, ya que los consumidores reportan problemas cardíacos relacionados con las bebidas energéticas debido a la sobredosis de cafeína y otros ingredientes, como la dimetilamilamina (DMAA, por sus siglas en inglés).   06/29/2017
Potential Lawsuit: Polvo de Talco Noticias Legales e Información Legal
La compañía Johnson & Johnson ha sido condenada a pagar $72 millones en daños en una demanda de talco que alegó un vínculo entre el polvo de talco y el cáncer. Los demandantes argumentaron que Johnson & Johnson sabía sobre el riesgo de cáncer de ovario vinculado al talco, pero no advirtió a los consumidores sobre dichos riesgos. Además, una demanda de talco alega que el talco de bebé en polvo causó cáncer de trompas de Falopio, lo que condujo a una muerte injusta. Según informes, Johnson & Johnson enfrenta 1.000 pleitos de talco en tribunales estatales y federales, algunos de los cuales están programados aún para los tribunales.   06/29/2017
Potential Lawsuit: First Hawaiian Bank Overdraft Fees
Santa Clara, CA: Despite consumer protection laws designed to prevent abusive practices on the part of the financial industry, there are still some unethical practices that consumers fall prey to. These include issues with overdraft fees. Many banks face consumer complaints about the way overdrafts are assessed and fees applied.   06/23/2017
Potential Lawsuit: Bank of Hawaii Excessive Overdraft Fees
Santa Clara, CA: In 2016, Bank of Hawaii was accused of unfairly assessing overdraft fees in an excessive overdraft fees class action lawsuit.   06/22/2017
Potential Lawsuit: Guardian Life Insurance Denied Disability Lawsuit News
Lawsuits filed against Guardian Life Insurance Company of America by its policyholders claim the insurer has wrongfully denied disability benefits by practicing bad faith insurance. If you had an insurance claim denied and think Guardian Life Insurance and their affiliated company, Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America, has conducted health insurance fraud, an insurance lawyer can help.   06/21/2017
Potential Lawsuit: People's United Bank Excessive Overdraft Fees
Santa Clara, CA: In 2017, an excessive overdraft fees class action lawsuit was filed against People's United Bank, over allegations it systematically assesses overdraft fees on transactions when there is enough money in the checking account to cover the transactions presented for payment.   06/20/2017
Potential Lawsuit: Union Bank Excessive Overdraft Fees
Santa Clara, CA: Union Bank settled an excessive overdraft fees class action in 2011, for $35 million. The bank was one of 30 banks facing allegations of manipulating the order of debit card transactions so they could deplete customers’ checking accounts and trigger overdraft fees.   06/20/2017
Potential Lawsuit: Liberty Mutual Denied Disability Lawsuit News & Legal Information
Denied disability lawsuits have been filed against Liberty Mutual insurance company. The Boston-based Liberty Mutual Holding Company, through its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, is one of the largest disability insurance providers and the fourth largest property and casualty insurer in the US. Liberty Mutual, which has over 800 offices worldwide, has denied countless disability insurance claims. Liberty Mutual policyholders have filed lawsuits against the insurance company for allegedly practicing bad faith insurance and denying their Liberty Mutual long-term disability insurance.   06/19/2017

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