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Automobile accidents are responsible for thousands of deaths and cause hundreds of thousands of injuries, ranging from minor to permanently disabling, every year. Auto accidents have the potential to carry both civil and legal responsibility. Automobile accidents fall into many categories including but not limited to: rear end collisions, rollovers, multi car pile-ups, single vehicle accidents, suicides, just to list a few. The state may or may not prosecute the parties involved in an auto accident. If the automobile accident involves serious injury, major property damage, or death, the state is more likely to prosecute. If either driver was driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the state is also more likely to prosecute. However, automobile accident personal injury lawsuits are very likely the most common tort (an injury to one person for which the person who caused the injury is legally responsible). In contrast to criminal trials, in personal injury cases the courtís role is to determine who is at fault and what compensation the victim is entitled to.

Claims related to automobile accidents include:
  • Claims for defective vehicles.
  • Claims for serious injuries.
  • Claims against an uninsured driver.
  • Claims for medical expenses caused by an automobile accident.
  • Claims for pedestrians involved in car accidents.
  • Claims for loss of wages/income.

Over recent years, many law firms have started offering legal assistance for those involved in a car accident in which they were not at fault. You have great potential for claiming compensation for a car accident that was not your fault and in which you sustained great injury or harm. Historically, insurance companies covered these costs. However, not everybody who is at fault in an injurious accident carries insurance. This is where specialty legal representation can get you compensation for all losses such as: loss of earnings, medical expenses, and injuries caused by the accident.

When you seek legal assistance to help you get compensation following a car accident that was not your fault, you may be required to provide medical evidence. Some states will allow you to make a claim if you fall under one or more of these categories:

  • You suffer debilitating injuries such as spinal or brain injury.
  • You suffer a permanent disfigurement.
  • A loved one has been killed.
  • You suffer a fractured bone or have multiple fractures.
  • You suffer the loss of a sense or senses.
  • You suffer the loss of one or more limbs.

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If you have been injured in an auto accident you need to find an accident lawyer immediately. Getting a qualified accident lawyer should be your first move and time is of the essence. Most states put limitations on how long you have to file a claim after which time you may lose the right to do so, permanently. Also, insurance companies routinely deny legitimate claims because they know that a certain percentage of people will become frustrated with the system and just give up. Insurance companies will give you the run around forever but an accident lawyer knows exactly how to put a stop to that and in most cases will do so almost immediately. This is just one of the benefits of seeking out a qualified accident lawyer. If you act on your own, you could greatly jeopardize your chance of getting any compensation at all. The reasons for consulting with an accident attorney are so numerous that we cannot possibly list them all; the bottom line is, if you have been injured in an automobile accident you need to find an accident lawyer. is the internet's most helpful and complete Lawyer resource. You have come to the right place to find personal injury attorneys, locate accident lawyers, choose an injury lawyer, or hire an accident attorney that can meet your needs. We have made finding and choosing a personal injury attorney or accident lawyer in your area quick and easy. Get started now and find an accident attorney today.

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